Monday, 27 April 2015

Update: Miniatures

Hi guys and gals, just another update on miniatures. I made an order this morning for the excellent Salute exclusive Female Operative from Spectre Miniatures.

At least I think I have! I ordered it about an hour before they said it went offline so hopefully that lovely lady shall be mine. I also ordered some of the Big Men (I think that's their name).

Future plans include African Irregulars from The Assault Group (TAG) with rifles, shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and support weapons. These are either topless and wearing shorts or wearing a t shirt. I don't like the look of their uniformed soldiers with their flared trousers, as opposed to having them tucked into their boots.

The only thing that has arrived so far are my helmets from TAG.

I'll keep you all updated,


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