Monday, 20 April 2015

Intel: Light Springs AKA Dopetown

Light Springs, AKA Dopetown, is a large populated area to the south of Hopetown. It houses around 10,000 people and is the countries biggest shanty town. It is mostly ungoverned and the people are left to their own devices. Due to this, there is a large amount of crime within the town, only rivaled by the Zugandan Quarter.

It gets its nickname, Dopetown, due to the high use of, what the locals call, Lucky Lucky Grass. It has a mild seditary effect on the user, thus the saying 'being doped'. This is, however, an unofficial name given to the town and doesn't appear on any official documents.

Because of the increased amount of crime and unrest in the town, guard towers have been set up on the four corners of the fenced in town. Armed guards man these towers 24 hours a day, with a curfew set at 8pm.

There are several shops on the main stretch of road (Railway) that runs the length of the old railway lines. The most notable one is George's Delicious Deli, popular with both old and young residents.

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