Sunday, 5 April 2015

News: Riots On The Streets Of Hopetown

Above: Natongan citizens riot on the streets of Hopetown in protest of Goodwill Hunter's cooperation with the British.

'Today hundreds of Natongan nationals took to the street in protest of the governments military ties with the British Army. A spokesperson for the group, called Natongan Action, said "We as a nation have to leave the past in the past. Our colonial overlords gave us indepence a long time ago, so why are they still involved with our military and politics? It is time for President Hunter to sever ties with these overlords, they have no business being here. If he refuses, we will continue to protest, and we cannot promise to be peaceful."'

'Natongan Action have close links to the NLA and act as their political wing, this relationship has not been hidden and, in the past, has been promoted by leading members of both groups. President Hunter responded by calling off his planned parade of the city centre.'

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