Monday, 27 April 2015

Update: Miniatures

Hi guys and gals, just another update on miniatures. I made an order this morning for the excellent Salute exclusive Female Operative from Spectre Miniatures.

At least I think I have! I ordered it about an hour before they said it went offline so hopefully that lovely lady shall be mine. I also ordered some of the Big Men (I think that's their name).

Future plans include African Irregulars from The Assault Group (TAG) with rifles, shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and support weapons. These are either topless and wearing shorts or wearing a t shirt. I don't like the look of their uniformed soldiers with their flared trousers, as opposed to having them tucked into their boots.

The only thing that has arrived so far are my helmets from TAG.

I'll keep you all updated,


Friday, 24 April 2015

Natongan Defence Forces

Above: Members of the NDF rendezvousing with members of the British Armed Forces.

The standard rank and file soldier of the Natongan Defence Force (NDF) are armed slightly different to that of the 1st Airborne Division. With their SLRs and M60s, these individuals are dropped into combat via choppers provided by the British. They wear a variety of camoflauge and have a more rag tag look then the 1st Airborne, as well as M1 helmets.

These soldiers fight alongside British soldiers in the forests of Natonga and are especially good at Guerrilla warfare. They have seen much combat over the years, including the war with Bugabu, as well as  acting as peacekeepers in neighbouring countries.

Their current mission, in conjunction with the British, is Operation Banga, Banga being the name of the NLA's major stronghold. They have used the cover of night to launch attacks on the camps of the NLA.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Intel: Joseph Kiki

Name: Joseph Kiki
Age: 40
Occupation: Leader of the NLA, Politician
Attributes: Stocky build, goatee beard, smokes cigars on a regular bases, always surrounded by bodyguards.
Notes: Father of rebel commander Luke Kiki, has a home on the outskirts of Hopetown, his informants are situated in Dopetown and Hopetown, as well as those dotted around the countryside.

Update: Miniatures

Hi guys and gals, I've just ordered some 28mm Vietnam ANZAC miniatures from Baker Company Miniatures. I bought a platoon of them which is around 45 miniatures, including command.

I have also bought 2x10 M1 helmets to replace some of the Boonie Hats, from The Assault Group (TAG) (This will be my first attempt at converting metal miniatures so please, keep your fingers crossed for me!).

I have also ordered a Vietnam era Press set (I think that's what it's called) from West Wind Productions. This includes a Camera man, a boom man, a Reporter, a journalist, and some chopper gunners. I believe the miniatures are meant to represent certain personalities but I'm not 100% sure.

When they come, I'll do a test model and post that up here. It may be within the next week or so as we move house next Friday.

Until then,

Monday, 20 April 2015

Intel: Light Springs AKA Dopetown

Light Springs, AKA Dopetown, is a large populated area to the south of Hopetown. It houses around 10,000 people and is the countries biggest shanty town. It is mostly ungoverned and the people are left to their own devices. Due to this, there is a large amount of crime within the town, only rivaled by the Zugandan Quarter.

It gets its nickname, Dopetown, due to the high use of, what the locals call, Lucky Lucky Grass. It has a mild seditary effect on the user, thus the saying 'being doped'. This is, however, an unofficial name given to the town and doesn't appear on any official documents.

Because of the increased amount of crime and unrest in the town, guard towers have been set up on the four corners of the fenced in town. Armed guards man these towers 24 hours a day, with a curfew set at 8pm.

There are several shops on the main stretch of road (Railway) that runs the length of the old railway lines. The most notable one is George's Delicious Deli, popular with both old and young residents.

Update: Miniatures

I know, I know, I only changed my mind yesterday about scale etc but with us moving to a new home in about 2 weeks, we'll have less room so it looks like I'm coming back with my tail between my legs and going down the 20mm road again.

This means I don't have to change the background or anything and everything is hunky dory!

Miniatures, as stated in other posts, will be from Elhiem and Underfire Miniatures. I will buy the odd 28mm miniature, however, and build up a small collection.

Until next time,


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Intel: Zugandan Nationals

Papa Digando, a Zugandan national, is a well know criminal on the streets of Hopetown. He runs many lucrative schemes including, but not limited to, extortion, intimidation, and bootlegging.

He has been well known to the authorities for many years now and has been one of the nations most wanted men. He fled his native Zugando just before the civil war and settled down in the Zugandan Quarter of Hopetown.

The recent riots were masterminded by him and his colleagues in support of the insurgents.

Bobby Zee also fled the country before the civil war, fleeing with his cousin Al 'Papa' Digando, and settling in the Zugandan Quarter. He, like his cousin, is involved in lucrative behaviour in and around Hopetown. Very unpredictable, the police have warned citizens not to approach him.

Bobby acts as a second-in-command to Papa and is usually the one to collect debts, intimidate people, and, sadly, assassinations.

Above: People on the streets of the Zugandan Quarter with pet hyenas.

Crime is rife in the Zugandan Quarter, with 60% of the Quarter's population being involved in some form of crime. The police have attempted to crack down on the crime rates but to no avail.

Update: Miniatures

I've been thinking a lot lately and, after a long thought, I've decided to switch to 28mm scale for the smaller scale fighting,  which means I'm going to have to look for good stand ins for the Natongan Defence Force.

In 20mm I went with the IDF, but you can't get IDF in 28mm anymore (as far as  I'm aware, couldn't get a hold of Mongrel IDF). That means I'm going to have to re-write, or 'forget' what I've previously written. That is unfortunate as I was really enjoying it.

This decision came due to me being partially blind in one eye, thus making painting 20mm miniatures quite difficult. I'm still going to give it a shot, but for 'health' reasons I'm going to go bigger. Maybe I'll get my 20mm painted for me, by a professional painter. We'll see.

Until next time,


Monday, 6 April 2015

News: 1st Airborne Division Mobilises

Above: Members of the elite 1st Airborne prepare to be deployed into the heart of NLA territory.

'Today, members of the elite 1st Airborne Division have been deployed into the heart of NLA territory. Their commanding officer Jeffrey Lang assured us that they will take care of these pests with "unforgiving judgement" and was certain that they'd be home for dinner: "These 'Soldiers' are nothing but terrorists, scum of the earth, and we shall not tread lightly. I assure you that we shall take care of these subhumans swiftly and affectively. May God bless us all."'

Sunday, 5 April 2015

News: Riots On The Streets Of Hopetown

Above: Natongan citizens riot on the streets of Hopetown in protest of Goodwill Hunter's cooperation with the British.

'Today hundreds of Natongan nationals took to the street in protest of the governments military ties with the British Army. A spokesperson for the group, called Natongan Action, said "We as a nation have to leave the past in the past. Our colonial overlords gave us indepence a long time ago, so why are they still involved with our military and politics? It is time for President Hunter to sever ties with these overlords, they have no business being here. If he refuses, we will continue to protest, and we cannot promise to be peaceful."'

'Natongan Action have close links to the NLA and act as their political wing, this relationship has not been hidden and, in the past, has been promoted by leading members of both groups. President Hunter responded by calling off his planned parade of the city centre.'

Update: Miniatures

(Sorry for the bad quality photos, I only have a phone to use).

Hey guys, yesterday I received a nice package in the post! Some little metal men from Elhiem.

My order of IDF, to act as Natongan Armed Forces, arrived and I'm very pleased with them. Good proportions, nice detail also. No problems whatsoever.

I got a pack of two NCOs with Galil rifles, a set of four riflemen, three with Galil rifles and an NCO with an Uzi SMG, and a pack of four with two Galil carrying loaders with what appears to be ammunition slung over their shoulders, and two carrying FN MAGs.

Like I said, all miniatures are a good size, not too small, not too big, great proportions, good detail and a great service from Elhiem. I will certainly be buying from them again, if these IDF are anything to go by.