Friday, 24 April 2015

Natongan Defence Forces

Above: Members of the NDF rendezvousing with members of the British Armed Forces.

The standard rank and file soldier of the Natongan Defence Force (NDF) are armed slightly different to that of the 1st Airborne Division. With their SLRs and M60s, these individuals are dropped into combat via choppers provided by the British. They wear a variety of camoflauge and have a more rag tag look then the 1st Airborne, as well as M1 helmets.

These soldiers fight alongside British soldiers in the forests of Natonga and are especially good at Guerrilla warfare. They have seen much combat over the years, including the war with Bugabu, as well as  acting as peacekeepers in neighbouring countries.

Their current mission, in conjunction with the British, is Operation Banga, Banga being the name of the NLA's major stronghold. They have used the cover of night to launch attacks on the camps of the NLA.

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