Sunday, 19 April 2015

Update: Miniatures

I've been thinking a lot lately and, after a long thought, I've decided to switch to 28mm scale for the smaller scale fighting,  which means I'm going to have to look for good stand ins for the Natongan Defence Force.

In 20mm I went with the IDF, but you can't get IDF in 28mm anymore (as far as  I'm aware, couldn't get a hold of Mongrel IDF). That means I'm going to have to re-write, or 'forget' what I've previously written. That is unfortunate as I was really enjoying it.

This decision came due to me being partially blind in one eye, thus making painting 20mm miniatures quite difficult. I'm still going to give it a shot, but for 'health' reasons I'm going to go bigger. Maybe I'll get my 20mm painted for me, by a professional painter. We'll see.

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