Wednesday, 15 October 2014

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Natongan President Goodwill Hunter has made a statement to the countries press. Amidst the recent attacks outside the capital, he assured his fellow countrymen that everything would be fine and that the Natongan Paratroopers had been deployed across the country, mostly around hotspots of Natongan Liberation Army (NLA) activity.

He was quoted as saying: 'I, like every other Natongan, wish to ensure the safety of my brothers and sisters. I will not stand by whilst they are kidnapped, murdered, and tormented by these people- I can't even call them people, these animals, plain and simple terrorists. I make this promise to you today, to members of the public who have gathered here at the palace, and to members of the press, I have signed documents to deploy our troops to several hotspots around the country. Mostly in the countryside surrounding the capital, as well as troops stationed at the border. We have some of the continents finest men protecting us, and I promise you, my brothers and sisters, that you shall be able to sleep without fear, for God and our troops are forever protecting you.'

Our reporter also noted the president's emotions as he recited the above. His family stood by his side and looked visibly shaken after the recent bomb scare at the presidential palace. His son, a serving member of the Natongan Defence Force, will apparently be deployed in the North East of the country.

When more news breaks, we'll deliver it right to you straight from the Capital.
President Goodwill Hunter (left)

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