Sunday, 29 March 2015

Update: Ideas and Miniatures

So, following the background, I have decided to do two separate scales: firstly, there'll be the war between Natonga and Bugabu. This will be played using the AK47 Republic rules and shall be 15mm scale.

Secondly, there will be the civil war played using Force on Force rules with the Bush War supplement. This will be in 20mm.

Natongan Defence Force:
• In 15mm, I shall be using Peter Pig's IDF, with a custom paint job, and using his range of vehicles (Centurion and M113)
• In 20mm, I shall be using Elhiem's IDF as well as Underfire IDF, again with a different paint job. Vehicles will be from various manufacturers.

British Armes Forces / Special Forces:
• As the British are only involved in the civil war, they will only be in 20mm. I shall be using Elhiem's British, as well as their Generic special forces, and SAS circa. Early 2000s.
• Vehicles will be from SandS Models, as well as other manufacturers.

Natongan Liberation Army:
• Again, only appear in the civil war so they will be in 20mm. I'll be using Elhiem's Somalians/African Militia/Insurgents.
• They will be armed with a mix of old Soviet weapons and AKs.

Bugabu Armed Forces:
• For 15mm BAF, I'll be using Peter Pig's Regulars from his AK47 Republic range, and QRF for Tanks and APCs
• In 20mm I shall be using Elhiem's Iraq Army, possibly going to try and green stuff some body armour onto them. I'm the civil war they won't be aggressors, as such, they'll be acting as UN Peacekeepers.

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